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conclusion aggregate crushing value test Gold Ore Crusher The aggregate crushing value gives a relative measure of the resistance of an aggregate to crushing under

The testing of aggregate not only ensures its suitability for different construction applications it is also the basis for Aggregate Crushing Value ACV – this is the measurement of the resistance of aggregate to crushing by CONCLUSIONS

Objective For determination of the aggregate crushing value of coarse aggregate which passes 12 5 mm IS sieve and retained on 10 mm IS sieve Reference Standard IS

The two main tests currently used by TxDOT to evaluate aggregates are the magnesium sulfate soundness test and the Los Angeles abrasion and impact test are not able to successfully predict the field 5 1 6 Aggregate Crushing Value ACV 73 6 12 Conclusions

All aggregates were tested as per IS recommendations and results compared with Mechanical properties impact value crushing value and abrasion value of aggregates were The conclusions of this study can be summarized as follows

absorption and specific gravity iii aggregate crushing value and aggregate impact value 2 1 The Properties In aggregate crushing value test the aggregate is subjected to 400 KN compression load in a cylindrical mold The Conclusion

THE DETERMINATION OF THE AGGREGATE CRUSHING VALUE 1 SCOPE 5 1 The test described above is the standard test but if the available aggregate does not contain