Bit Fluzer is an audio effect similar to standard bit crushers but featuring two channels with input filters and audio bit reductions modulated by two LFOs Using the Bit Fluzer plugin you can alter the bit depth of the audio signal from your instruments or audio tracks in your DAW in various ways

Krush is a lively bit crusher and a bit more With its bit crushing and downsampling algorithms Krush combines the crispy taste of the digital realm with the warmth of its drive stage and analog modeled resonant filters A modulation section allows you to quickly add extra life

Bitcrusher effects usually have at least two controls One reduces the sample rate while the other reduces the resolution The knob or slider for resolution reduction a k a bit depth depth or bits usually adjusts from 32 bits down to 1 bit

The Bit Reactor is a hardware bit crusher and downsampler It has no program or CPU it digitizes without software It takes whatever signal you give it and crunches it up into digital atoms We live in an analog world but most of the media that we encounter today is digital an attempt to reproduce real world signals with a stream of 1s and 0s

Line 6 99 040 3405 HX Effects Floor Multi FX Pedal w Power Adapter USB Cable There s a Bit Crusher and even a Germanium chip option in a distortion pedal those are tones I d gone to Earthquaker Devices or Electro Harmonix for in recent years

 · A Bit More About Bit Depth A bit is the smallest unit of information storage in a computer system and it can have only one of two values on or off one or zero Because of this two value possibility as you increase the number of bits you increase the

 · I was very excited to hear there was a bitcrusher effect coming However the effect with the signal 100 wet still has a regular clean signal coming through Was this intentional or am I doing something wrong It seems strange to me that it would not be all bitcrusher with the mix at 100

 · Line 6 HX Effects Discussion in Effects BG started by ChubbyJerk Jan 25 2018 Tags it s an OC 2 running into a bit crusher with a healthy blend of the straight OC 2 sound Click to expand I think I am closer to OC 2 than the Bug Crusher Attached Files OC 2 mp3 File size 422 4 KB Views 105 Seanbassplayer likes this Apr

Using the bubble vibrato for the warbly tape effect and bitcrusher for a bit of noise I think I ve got a pretty decent representation of the lo fi junky It s my new favorite patch The Expression pedal increases mix of the reverb and the bit crusher 3 30 19

The Denise Bite is a flexible bit crusher plugin for adding subtle and not so subtle digital style distortion to your tracks It has been designed to transition smoothly from 32 bit all the way down to 1 bit and has a continuous analog control that softens the digital edges caused by the quantization process

 · Line 6 HX Effects Discussion in Effects BG started by ChubbyJerk Jan 25 2018 Tags effects If you want to EHX Bassballs kind of sound try to experiment with Autofilter going intro Bit Crusher Its important to set Low Pass on Autofilter and that sample rate on Bit Crusher goes about 2 3 khz MascisMan and fivestringgecko

 · I liked the HX effects a bit better because I had more blocks to play with and I dont really use to many amp cab sims The stomp is fantastic but I consider it more of a preset type pedal By that I mean it tends to shine when you use it to make

 · 3 Get the hx effects cause scribble scripts are so cool to me 4 The board in my head is getting bigger for a bit more I could just get the LT 5 At this point my brains says fool now you have a boat as a pedalboard this leads down a road where you will buy a PowerCab cause you have all those models just sitting there 6

Hotone Krush Bitcrusher Sampler Guitar Effects Pedal Brand HOTONE While I was waiting for the Krush in the mail I had mostly convinced myself to buy a more expensive bit crusher but after hearing this thing I am planning on holding off or redirecting my gaze to

 · Buy Now https goo gl XuN2DP The Bitmap from Red Panda is a Bitcrusher with fractional bit reduction and sample rate modulation The Bitmap offers a wide variety of sounds such as synth like

 · The RPS Bit Reactor is a bit crusher and downsampler that takes whatever signal you give it and crunches it up into digital atoms The central Crush knob selects the number of bits for the crunching from 1 to 8 while the Sample one deals with reducing the sample rate

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The SC Bitcrusher plugin features full automation of all parameters noise rate reduction bit depth wet dry mix This powerful feature unlocks the full potential of the plugin allowing you to create more complex and expressive sounds than possible with manual tweaking Save presets and optionally share them with other SC Bitcrusher users

 · Wow Line 6 Helix is AMAZING for bass Its such a bonus since I did NOT buy Helix for bass at all I was loving it for guitar though I had given up on processors and multi effects for bass a long time ago as I would loose low end and punch just running through a processor with no effects I

 · Lo Fi effects Discussion in Effects Pedals Strings Things it sounded compared to the original Line 6 Tube Echo Also a tip Try using the Lofi Delay full wet and use the bit crusher in that effect instead of the regular bit crusher I got an HX Stomp recently but it doesn t even compete with the Zoom when it comes to amazing lofi

 · Now I use the HX bit crusher into the dirty amp and just kick off the bit crusher Sounds 97 64 the same and I kicked a 160 pedal that was used for 45 seconds off my board and to Reverb I find I can get a lot of that seasoning with the HX that negates the need for lots of specialty pedals

 · Hopefully they ll work on that in time but I m not losing any sleep over it if they don t because there is plenty other effects on the HX I m very happy with Plus I just don t ever use bit crusher It would be great to have a nice one available though Now I do feel the HX

The free TAL Bitcrusher VST effect by Togu Audio Line features a bit reduction 0 32 bit and a sample rate reduction unit To further sculpture the sound TAL Bitcrusher also offers a 24 dB low and highshelf filter and a noise cross modulator applying modulated noise to the signal The TAL Bitcrusher VST plugin is mainly useful on drums

 · However as the bit depth goes down waveforms become more stair stepped This results in losing the subtle volume variations At the extreme bit reduction waveforms are becoming clicks The waveform jumps abruptly from low to high and back again without intervening values Bit Depth The Bitcrusher effect usually has at least two controls