Andradite Gemstones by Colour This table shows distribution of Andradite gemstone sizes that are listed on this site Fluorescence amp other light emissions

Apr 17 2003 The Crystal Peak garnet andradite and grossularite deposit in British Columbia has a A small amount of garnet is used in wellpacks in deep oil wells After initial crushing almandite or almandite pyrope should be present ods and hand loading of dump trucks hoe and headbasket among other

Andradite is a member of the garnet group minerals There are two groups of garnets pyralspites Al garnets and ugrandites Ca garnets Andradite is a

Demantoid transparent light to dark green to yellow green Melanite opaque black Topazolite transparent to translucent yellow may show chatoyancy Andradite is a species of the garnet group It is a nesosilicate with formula Ca3Fe2Si3O12